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IRS Releases 2023 COLA Limits for 401(k) Plans

IRS Announces Much Higher Limits for 2023 The IRS released the cost of living adjustments...[Read more...]

Is Automatic Enrollment A Good Fit For Your Retirement Plan?

What Is Automatic Enrollment? First, we need to identify the most popular form of...[Read more...]

Compliance - ADP and ACP Test Failure & Correction Options

Calendar Year-End Plans and The March 15th Deadline It's that time of year again. All...[Read more...]

2022 IRS COLA Limits Announced | 401(k) & Qualified Plans

IRS Announces Higher Limits for 2022 The IRS released the cost of living adjustments...[Read more...]

Can We Convert A SEP-IRA To A 401(k) Plan?

Got a SEP-IRA? Wondering how to convert it to a 401(k)? The short answer is: you can't....[Read more...]

Is Bonus Pay Subject To 401(k) Deferral Elections?

Depending on your 401k retirement plan document, bonus pay may be included in the...[Read more...]

Do We Have To Contribute Safe Harbor To HCEs?

Safe Harbor Contributions Retirement plan rules require that Safe Harbor contributions be...[Read more...]

How To Boost Employee Engagement In Your Retirement Plan

Saving for retirement is not a new concept. Market gains, compounding interest, and time...[Read more...]

Post-PPA Plan Document Restatement | Cycle 3

It's official! We're now in a new, 2-year restatement period for qualified retirement...[Read more...]

2021 IRS COLA Limits Announced | 401(k) & Qualified Plans

2021 Brings Higher Annual Additions and Considered Compensation Limits The IRS released...[Read more...]

The Form 5500 Is Filed, Now What?

The October 15 deadline has passed and your 12/31 plan year Form 5500-SF or full Form...[Read more...]

What is Retirement Plan Compensation?

Plan Compensation Compensation for retirement plan purposes is defined within the...[Read more...]